As a citizen of a Zimbabwe you are responsible for your emancipation and your destiny. Getting Zimbabwe to work again will require that we all converge and unite to address the ills which have brought our country down to its knees: HONESTY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and UNITY. ZimFirst does neither subscribe to hate speech nor political mudslinging. It is the unifying voice of Zimbabwe’s modern day politics. ZimFirst is a party which substantially was born to provide a platform to harness FRESH IDEAS and FRESH LEGS critically needed to help turn the fortunes of the country around for everyone to enjoy. Zimfirst has the best strategy to win the 2018 election and best policies to rescue the economy and guarantee sustainable peace and prosperity to all Zimbabweans regardless of race, color, gender or creed.

We welcome you to JOIN ZimFirst and become a ZimFirster today. In ZimFirst everyone matters, your voice will be heard and your ideas will be respected.

If you honestly believe that it’s time to move on towards a Zimbabwe that is working again, JOIN ZIMFIRST, TODAY and begin to make a difference.

Nyika Vanhu, Vanhu Ndiyo Nyika

Ilizwe ngabantu, abantu lilizwe.

Country First, People First.

Getting Zimbabwe Working Again.

Be our Best ZimFirster Forever today! Exercise your right to make a change!

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