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History has shown that the citizens of a country must be responsible for its emancipation and for its destiny to obtain true freedom.

Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans are no different. Getting Zimbabwe back to work again will require that all Zimbabweans unite to address what has been missing from our political discourse and kept us weak and on our knees:


ZimFirst does not subscribe to hate speech or political mudslinging. ZimFirst is a party born to provide a platform for harnessing FRESH IDEAS and FRESH LEGS critically needed to complete the journey started by all previous political players. ZimFirst stands for Honesty, Accountability and Unity. ZimFirst is a political party for Zimbabweans and by Zimbabweans which boasts the support of an African Coalition for Zimbabwe and the international community. ZimFirst has the best strategy to win 2018 election and best policies to rescue the economy and guarantee sustainable peace and prosperity to all Zimbabweans regardless of race, color, gender or creed.

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If you honestly believe that it’s time to move on towards a Zimbabwe that is working again.


Nyika Vanhu, Vanhu Ndiyo Nyika

Ilizwe ngabantu, abantu lilizwe.

Country First, People First

Getting Zimbabwe Working Again

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