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Kudakwashe Matizira

Born on 27/08/1975, my home town is Shurugwi (Midlands Province), I am a member of the ZimFisrst party and working hard to see a positive change in Zimbabwe’s economic political situation. Currently I’m based in South Africa pursuing my studies. It is my current career ambition to have a job in professional politics as an MP, to play a part in national policy making and legislation, as well as experiencing the pride of being a democratic representative of the people. This ambition flows from my concern for the wellbeing of others and the continued freedom of our people.


Matthew Mamvura

A high profile educationist. Fellow Zimbabweans we have been through thick and thin, betrayed by our own leaders whom we voted into power from the Smith regime. Surely we started well but the nation is in a bad state as we speak. We thought we had an opposition which could redress the situation but on the contrary the opposition sold out they are eating from the same plate as the tyranny Robert Gabriel Mugabe and his team of looters. We rise to say no to this as a nation, we say no to bone chewing individuals, we say no to bone chewing egocentric selfish individuals, we say no to crumbling economy, we say Zimbabwe will rise again to being the bread basket of the continent. It takes commitment from fellow patriots, it takes commitment from all Zimbabweans. As a people together yes we can. Let’s pull up our resources together and let’s work together. We say no to a failed state and we say no to failed oppositions, we say yes to a new wave of politics. People at heart? Yes!!! Nation First? Yes!!! With this attitude we can together turn around the nation’s state it’s not gonna be easy but together Yes We Can!


Tawanda Dzvokora

(Chief Svosve)

Victimized and brutalized physically and emotionally by ZANU PF regime, I turned to MDC and became an activist. 15 years down the line, the change we so preached and dreamt has remained just that, a dream! ZANU PF   Thugs spurred by the glaring deficiencies in the opposition parties and their own craftiness in rigging is still in power albeit by default. It’s killing, terrorizing and physically abusing innocent citizens. Itai Dzamare recently disappeared, just like many others have.

The economy is on a free fall. Production in farms is on a standstill. Once a breadbasket for Africa, Zimbabwe is now a begging nation and a nation of beggars. Millions are now essentially living below the poverty datum line. Not surprising you only need to Google it, its official! According to an IMF report of 2013, and based on a country’s gross domestic product, Zimbabwe is now the second poorest country in Africa.

Notwithstanding all these economy and political problems, thousands of families have been disintegrated. Mine is not an exception, my son is in China, my wife in Botswana, my daughter is in Russia and I’m in the USA! I might seem to be having it easy, because I have three meals every day a luxury to most Fellow Zimbabweans. I have access to all the basic needs but my heart bleeds for my family every day. I cry and pray for them. And they cry and pray for me too! Families are meant to live together.

Through Zimfirst I will fight to get Zimbabwe working again so that my family and thousands other families get together again!

Zimfirst cares Make Zimfirst your family party!



Zimbabwe, as a country has gone through tumultuous episodes, starting from the euphoria of being free from Ian Smith draconian rule, to economic hardship that was experienced after adoption and application of countless economic blue prints. However, bad government policies that were divergent to the attraction and retention of foreign investor confidence precipitated the economic downturn this prompted the greater Zimbabwean population to believe that the only salvation out of this misery was through regime change.

Approximately it has been fifteen years since the greater population of Zimbabwe has been trying to emancipate themselves from seemingly unending economic hardship and political turmoil. The only change that has occurred is nothing but sinking deeper in this abyss. This has left the country being highly polarized politically. It’s either you belong to political party A or B. This has caused stagnation in driving the country out of the scenario which it is currently faced with.

It is against this background that there is need for new and untainted minds to come into the fore so as to drive the country out of this quagmire. This can be done through people with the country at heart, not those bent on protecting self-egos and tainted wealth. With this in mind, the springboard out of this is through Honesty, Accountability, and Unity; hence ZimFirst stands out as a panacea to all the problems bedeviling Zimbabwe.


Saxon Liam SWZ

The Zimbabwean electorate does not want a change of personality as our problem is not about personalities but the system and this system has brought untold sufferings to millions of people. I started to vote in 2000 as I was born in 1981 & the reason why I have been voting is just because that I do want development for this nation, which is being patriotic. The parties which have been contesting the Zimbabwean elections have been doing so to change personalities which is not the problem but the system and the revival of Zimbabwe’s comatose economy now lies with ZimFirst Party as it believes in changing the system, the current system has lead to cult leadership whose objectives has been self aggrandizement and corruption across the political divide and the GNU era showed the challenge which Zimbabwe had as the parties in the then government had same characters and corruption activities increased. Most people born after Independence have been wallowing in abject poverty due to flawed policies whose objectives have been to enrich very few individuals. The educated people of this nation have left the nation to seek work elsewhere as the economy has been shrinking since 2000.Zimbabwe is the only nation in the world that recognizes vending as being employed and it pains to see graduates from our universities working as vendors and commuter omnibus conductors. Zimbabwe’s natural resources have not benefitted the entire populace but very few despite the nation being endowed with many. Zimbabwe’s political and economic problems have had an effect on social and culture as people have discarded moral values to eke out a living. Zimbabwe needs God-fearing leadership whose policies should help not destroy people´s lives. Zimbabwe now needs a new generation of servant leadership whose thrust is to turn around the fortunes of this nation. ZimFirst shall usher in a new era of dispensation whose objectives is to get Zimbabwe Working Again and have all its people benefit from its natural resources or opportunities disregarding political affiliation, race, creed, tribe. ZimFirst Party brings hope to Zimbabwe and should be given the chance to turn around the fortunes of this nation which have been destroyed in the past 15May years. May God bless Zimbabwe and restore this nation to its rightful place by granting it right leadership, which is concerned by people’s welfare.