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Turning around the Economy after ZANU PF’s Mess – Zimfirst President Doctor Maxwell Zeb Shumba

Doctor Maxwell Zeb Shumba We are in a dire situation, and yes, we are in the Group the International Monetary Fund (IMF) economically classifies as Highly Indebted Poor Country (HIPC). However, debt is a long-term liability for the country and therefore monetary institutions need not wait for a “statement” of admission of guilt from a […]

Technology Driven Healthcare Services Coming To Zimbabwe-ZimFirst

Dr. Maxwell Zeb Shumba. ZimFirst Party President Saving lives with ZimFirst. Digital Health Records Save Lives. Welcome to the Future with ZimFirst. Our healthcare system is in a comatose. A lot of work will be needed after the authors of Zimbabwe’s misery are going. We have work to do collectively. Nyika Vanhu. Vanhu Ndonyika. #ZimFirst. […]

Why Buhera West should Vote for ZimFirst-MP Candidate Joseph Chipedza

Mr. Joseph Chipedza (Agricultural Extension Officer). Operations Director, Eastern Region (Mash East & Manicaland) MP Candidate Buhera West As an MP under president Dr Maxwell Zeb Shumba and ZimFirst Party, I promise to do the following important things for the constituency- Develop Marovanyati Dam such that the community can get fish and water for irrigation that […]

Why ZimFirst is a Trusted Brand-Fanuel Kaseke. Director For International Relations

Fanuel Kaseke (UZ, Hons. Political Science). Director For International Relations. MP Candidate. Seke North (Chitungwiza) Zimbabwe’s economic turmoil  needs a pragmatic approach not fantasies sold in wonderland. An age of vibrant young people who connect with people’s struggles should play the center stage in this new revolt. There is great need for integration of technology […]

Fresh Legs, Fresh Ideas in Hwange West-ZimFirst

Malvern T. Ndlovu (UZ Student. ) MP Candidate. Hwange West. From the word go I was asked what I would want to be when I grow up. These type of questions programmed my mind to always be two steps ahead, thinking and  worrying of my future .Now that I am at the University of Zimbabwe, […]

Why ZimFirst?-Solution to the Moribund Economy

Anesu Tafadzwa Rusike (Bsc Politics & Public Management (Hons) ZimFirst Dep. National Spokesperson. Why ZimFirst Now? For the love of our country, our resources, our freedom and pleasant youthful years full of job opportunities the youth have a home in ZimFirst. ZimFirst is here for you Zimbabweans. ZimFirst has the economic solution to the country’s […]

Alec Bamu ZimFirst Hurungwe West Aspiring Member of Parliament (MP)

Alec Bamu (Law Student). MP Candidate Hurungwe West (Mash West) ZimFirst Legal Affairs Directorate Officer Why I am running as you MP as a ZimFirster? Transform the nation from transgression – work towards poverty eradication – enhance cultural values at the same time thrive to bring new economical reforms – Stop military state at the […]

Decision 2018-ZimFirst Party Candidates Selection Update

Mr. Kesari Chibika Director of Elections/Elections Committee ZimFirst Party under methodical, meticulous and thorough process is going smoothly and as expected with no drama. Credit to the Silent Revolution/Chimhukutira. So far we have covered all the provinces and we are now working as a team to fill the gapes in other constituencies in all provinces.