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The Final Voice Newsletter (Issue 1 )

The Zimbabwe People First (ZimFirst) FINAL VOICE Newsletter is a must read for all citizens who are looking for Untainted, Clean and Fresh political leadership that is capable of turning Zimbabwe around and transform it from being a sad story country into an economic success story. Do not miss this and the next issue. Click the link to open The Final […]


  Dr. Maxwell Zeb Shumba. President. Zimbabwe People First (ZimFirst) Party After Norton: ZANU PF is smiling all the way to the bank For the ordinary people, there is absolutely nothing to celebrate on Themba Mliswa’s win in Norton. We are in this 36-year predicament because we like to pick on low hanging fruits.  We […]

The Journey to Election 2018: Of Protests Movements and Political Parties

Photo: ZimFirst President, Dr. Maxwell Zeb Shumba. Murewa September 2015. Of late we have noted the acts of desperation propelled by Mugabe’s overdue stay in power. Clearly there are three buckets coming from this. Civil Protests, Civil societies fronting political parties and then the new bucket: The rise of the church movements. The church leaders […]