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BREAKING NEWS: Mugabe reads wrong speech in Parliament

Zimbabwe needs fresh legs fresh ideas! We are the only country in the world that allows a senile leader to remain President! He didn’t even notice that he was repeating the same speech? Seriously? BREAKING NEWS: Mugabe reads wrong speech in Parliament   President Mugabe has just read a wrong speech in a boob that […]


A new joke doing the rounds in Harare and on the internet is that Robert Mugabe has pledged to admit 20 000 refugees as part of Zimbawe’s moral obligation towards easing the unprecedented influx of migrant asylum seekers in Europe. While this alone is funny (Mugabe only helps his cronies and bootlickers), the punch line […]


Zimbabwe belongs to all people who call it home  regardless of colour , gender , race religious background or political affiliation . Zimfirst will uphold the rule of law by treating all people equally before the law , promote and create free press through issuing licence to private broadcaster and online radios . Zimfirst will […]

Zimfirst President Dr Maxwell Zeb Shumba in the UK

Zimfirst President Dr Maxwell Zeb Shumba in the UK meeting a strong contingent of Zimfirst provincial and district leadership. Dr Shumba had a chance to explain his vision for a new Zimbabwe to UK based Zimbabweans. His vision which is slowly but surely gaining momentum has been well received by Zimbabweans at home and abroad.

Harare Consultative Meeting

From provinces to constituencies/districts. This was a Harare consultative meeting getting ready to hit the ground running establishing our constituency  assemblies.  The Zimfirst Revolutionary Train continues to gather speed. It’s not going to stop until it delivers the Final Voice to the people. Our leaders on the ground are being frustrated and harassed by state […]

International Youth Day

Today is International Youth Day, a day were youths are recognized internationally for their activities in their local communities.  While the World celebrates this day,  youths in Zimbabwe are yearning in abject poverty with no jobs, poor health facilities, poor infrastructure network and a jobless future. We as Zimfirst Youths are striving to get Zimbabwe […]