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ZimFirst: Fully-fledged Political Party

ZIMFIRST, a movement that was formed last year with the aim of achieving national convergence has been transformed into a fully-fledged political party. BY OBEY MANAYITI ZimFirst principal coordinator Dr Maxwell Zeb Shumba told NewsDay from his United States base that the new political outfit was formed on April 10 this year after it became […]

Introducing ZimFirst

ZIMFirst is a democratic non-violent Zimbabwean Party that embraces all Citizens of Zimbabwe. It does not discriminate along race, tribal or gender lines. ZIMFIRST stands for Zimbabwe First, which means the wishes of the people come first. ZIMFIRST was formulated in response to current toxic political situation in Zimbabwe borne as a result of rampant corruption, lack of rule of law, financial meltdown, and lack of basic human rights and needs. ZIMFIRST is inclusive of the old for their wisdom, the young for their vision and combined a true new vision for Zimbabwe.