I would like to invite anyone who is an advocate of this demo to answer the following pertinent questions:
1. If ZANU PF by the stretch of our imagination miraculously surrenders from a one day demo, what happens next? Who fills the void?
2. ZANU PF controls more than 2/3 majority in parliament and will obviously not be part of the demo. So can only a 1/3 of the nation succeed to remove a regime that is entrenched in all facets of Zimbabwe’s social and economic fabric, not to mention the security system?
3. Inclusivity: MDC T has scheduled a Congress on the same day and Rural population typically never involve themselves in the demo. Case in point, ZimFirst was not consulted either. How is success guaranteed when such a demo clearly on paper is not inclusive? Whose benefits is the demo designed to give?
4. We have had politically branded demos before. Why will this be different? What changed?
5, The Demo is being advertised publicly and widely. Is ZANU PF folding its hands waiting to be removed? Huh!
There are many questions that can be asked that put the plank  of this demo very suspect . Answers are needed if there are any.