ZimFirst Party update on ZEC/Political Parties meeting held at the crown plaza Harare on the 8th may 2018

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             Pamela Nyabadza
         ZimFirst Party Spokesperson
To All ZimFirst Party members.
ZimFirst Party attended the ZEC Meeting held at Crown Plaza Hotel on May 8, 2018. The Party was represented by Senior Presidential Advisor Eng. Edwin Mazinki. Please find below the full report.

*Provisional Voters Roll Inspection Exercise.
* The country’s electoral process was entering the home stretch beginning with the provisional voters roll inspection exercise which is scheduled for the 19th to the 29th of may 2018. During the eleven (11) day period the Zimbabwe Electoral  Commission will increase voter registration centers to 2018 to facilitate continued registration. Soon after this exercise the final voter’s roll will be compiled and available to all stakeholders in both hard and soft copies at a prescribed fee. Currently the total number of registered voters  stands at approximately 5.3 million. Registered voter outside the country can inspect the voters role via a ZEC home page. The limited time allocated for the exercise is due to pressure from the constitutional timeline
*Polling Station:
 The current number of polling stations is at 9425 and expect to increase to approximately 11500 given to the fact that ZEC is currently carrying out a mapping exercise. The objective of the mapping exercise is meant to ensure that no polling station should service more than one thousand(1000) voters.
*Ballot Paper
ZEC conducted a closed tender for the procurement of the ballot paper and the indelible ink for the voting process. ZEC is at an advanced stage of awarding the contract to a foreign company whose name, address and the number of ballot papers to be printed including the extras shall be made public in accordance with the law.
*Candidates Fees.
Councilors.                        – nil
Member of Parliament.               – 50
President.                          -1000
There minimum requirements for each category of candidates details of which can be found in the ZEC website.
Diaspora Vote:
ZEC Chairperson Justice P.M. Chigumba made a long explanation on the constraints ZEC had to get Zimbabweans in the diaspora tote. Key being that the current laws require a voter to vote from a specific ward in Zimbabwe until these are changed people in the diaspora will not be able to vote.
*Disabled Voters.
The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has put in place measures to accommodate our disabled voters save for brail ballot papers due to financial constraints but the chairperson assured that these would be availed for the 2023 elections.
Integrity of Elections.
The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission justice J.M. Chigumba assured the parties that the elections will be resoundingly free, fair and credible.
She also declared that ZEC is administratively ready to run these elections.
Election Results.
Election results will not take more than five(5) days to announce the results.
All announcements will be communicated through various media including bulk SMS to reach all voters.
Thank you
#Nyika Vanhu/Abantu Yilizwe
#Vanhu Ndonyika/Ilizwe Ngabantu

Pamela Nyabadza.

ZimFirst Party Spokesperson

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