Decision 2018-ZimFirst Party Candidates Selection Update

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Mr. Kesari Chibika
Director of Elections/Elections Committee
ZimFirst Party under methodical, meticulous and thorough process is going smoothly and as expected with no drama. Credit to the Silent Revolution/Chimhukutira.
So far we have covered all the provinces and we are now working as a team to fill the gapes in other constituencies in all provinces.

Send our process is primarily based on asking personally step forward and serve. If there are more than one person stepping forward we ask them to agree between themselves on who the best candidate is. If they fail to agree we will conduct primary elections . So process is going on smoothly and there has been no need for a primary . Our MP and Councilor candidates are a mixture of youth and mature party members, but predominantly they are the youth, in particularly University students and recent graduates who are motivated but the need to spearhead implementing the vision that will not only serve their plight but the nation as a whole .
True to our nature work silently, diligently and focused on delivering our message of hope to the people and the people are getting the message. ZimFirst is getting traction nation-wide. We expect to be completed with the process before nomination day.
 A trend we have seen is that in 2018 people know what they want. They want a party with real solutions for the country and they are happy to point to ZimFirst
Thank you
Kesari Chibika
Director of Elections/Elections Committee Chairman
Aspiring MP Shurugwi South
ZimFirst Party
Nyika Vanhu/Abantu Yilizwe
Vanhu NdoNyika/Ilizwe Ngabantu


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