Why I am a PROUDLY ZIMFIRSTER- ZimFirst Youth Audrey Chikaka

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Audrey Chikaka, International Relations student CIUCyprus. ZimFirst Youth.
Why Zim First?
For the past 38 years the children of Zimbabwe have suffered in the hands of their government, poverty, hunger, unemployment,  poor health system are the only things that our leadership has managed to deliver, and for the past 2 decades opposition parties have been no better but just being another dictatorship in waiting, for it is through them that we have witnessed the birth of open palms in the air ready, to battle with those who raise fists at the expense of the future of the children of Zimbabwe, it is through the opposition parties that we have witnessed leaders giving political parties mazita ezvidawo zvavano dedzwa nazvo nemadzimai avo mudzimba dza vanovatira, there is a saying which says Mviro mviro dzemhanza mapfeka, hatina dzimwe mviro mviro ba dzatichada kuona for mapfeka akatimirira kumberi  kana tikasaziva zvakatinakira now, thanks to mama (mbuya nehanda) for giving us a sign in time warning us of the impending catastrophe, thanks also to mama for enabling the birth of ZimFirst a party that is people oriented to be the vehicle that is going to take the children of Zimbabwe to the promised land. Whilst others are raising open palms in the air, others clinching fists chanting hate slogans ready to spill each others blood for mainly “personal gains”.  As ZimFirst we are simply reminding our fellow countrymen that it takes two to tangle ✌🏾 (hutungamiri hwe ZimFirst ndewe mwana weZimbabwe) for  what Zimbabwe  needs now are not war mongers and power hungry leaders  but a leaderships that has the concerns of people at heart, a leadership that is on a mission to find the the jewel of the nation that the current government lost, a leadership that is going to return the nation  its pride of being the bread of SADC or Africa but of the whole world.  Ladies and gentlemen, comrades and friends, ZimFirst is such a party, they have been singing Zimbabwe will never be a COLONY again again since 1980 and yet they have made us to become a COLON  and we all know the function of a colon on every animal that’s why other leaders of the world for example the US president have been calling  us (African countries) all sorts of names,  so  we are now saying enough is enough to a irresponsible government, enough is enough to incompetent opposition parties, let us say good bye to all political parties that Godifies individual leaders with slogans and demonize others with different opinions, let us join hands as Zimbabweans and embrace the new dawn that is now upon us, let us say WELCOME to fresh ideas, TIGASHIRE to fresh minds, WAMUKELEKILE to fresh legs and put our country first in everything that we do, let us put our vote where our future is, Lets vote ZimFirst ✌🏾.
ZimFirst, a party lead by an untainted, Clean and Fresh Leadership makes me a Proud ZimFirster!
Nyika Vanhu, Vanhu NdoNyika
Audrey Chikaka
ZimFirst Party, CIU, Cyprus

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