Why Buhera West should Vote for ZimFirst-MP Candidate Joseph Chipedza

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Mr. Joseph Chipedza (Agricultural Extension Officer). Operations Director, Eastern Region (Mash East & Manicaland)

MP Candidate Buhera West

As an MP under president Dr Maxwell Zeb Shumba and ZimFirst Party, I promise to do the following important things for the constituency- Develop Marovanyati Dam such that the community can get fish and water for irrigation that will be eventually piped into every home under the ZimFirst Village City development plan. Provide scholarships to deserving students. Under ZimFirst we are going to have free medication. Our President is a PhD Doctor and a USA based Company Executive who has real corporate governance expertise that is needed to provide leadership in rebuilding Zimbabwe and help me provide the Buhera West Constituency with the tools I need to succeed. The ZimFirst government will provide social security grants to the unemployed, disabled and the elderly. I will ensure that the Chapwanya to Buhera road is tarred and well maintained and that free education is provided to every kid up to O’ level. Ensure farmers are paid for their sweat timeously. Implement Zero corruption policy that is set to cut corruption. Mend torn relationships with the international community that were destroyed by 37 years of Robert Mugabe rule. Construct and equip additional clinics to provide quality healthcare to citizens in our community.
Joseph Chipedza
Operations Director (Eastern Region)
MP Candidate Buhera West.
Nyika Vanhu/Abantu Yilizwe
Vanhu Ndonyika/Ilizwe Ngabantu

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