Nyika Vanhu-Abantu Ilizwe. The Future is Bright with ZimFirst-Johannes Chitsike, Cabinet Secretary for Labor and Social Services.

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Johannes Chitsike, Hons. BSc Development studies (UNISA), BA  History & Economic History, (UZ), Dip. Human Resources Management, Dip. Biblical Studies and Christian leadership.

 The past twenty years saw Zimbabwe undergoing a life in the jaws of poverty,  economic meltdown and political autocracy, hence the need to overhaul the whole system by voting  for Zimfirst in the 2018 elections. The country  has reached this alarming state of affairs mainly because since 1980,  the political leadership which suffers from barrenness  and exhaustion of progressive ideas and values have been recycled over and over again. Zimfirst party present itself as a party full of fresh ideas and fresh legs that can make an optimistic turn-around of Zimbabwe’s economy and the political space which is currently undemocratic.
The Zimfirst leadership, starting with its visionary torch-bearer  Dr Maxwell Shumba, is untainted  unlike the recycled leaders from other political parties. These tenets gives hope that a Zimfirst government will bring good governance (including transparency and accountability) and economic development which have long been absent. There is no way one can expect good things from a leadership infested with corruption and leadership deficiency. Since 1980  various economic policies and programs were implemented,  but they failed to equitably harness the resources (minerals, crops, natural features and human resources) which Zimbabwe is blessed with. Even the 2008 government of partnership between Zanu (pf) and MDC did not do much to sustainably alleviate the problems which the country was facing at the time. The Zimfirst manifesto and departmental policies clearly spells out the realistic solutions which will be implemented once a Zimfirst government comes into office. Some political parties are busy trying to blindfold the electorate by promising Utopian programs like bullet trains and a two-week quick- fix  of the fiscus. It’s high time the Zimbabwean citizens differentiate fantasy and reality. The change in political leadership should not be done for the sake of bringing a change of faces, but bringing a new leadership which is pregnant with sustainable and realistic policies and programs as enshrined in the Zimfirst manifesto and programs documents. Thus the 2018 election is a golden  opportunity for Zimbabwe to select and approve a Zimfirst government  that will rescue the country from the current economic, social and political dark clouds that hang over our heads. As one cast his/her  vote there is need to ask oneself whether you are taking care of both present and future generations interests. Zimfirst ndizvo. Fresh legs and Fresh ideas. Untainted  leadership. 2018 Dr Shumba mu office.
Johannes Chitsike, SA,  (BSc (Dev. Studies), BA (Arts), LLB, Dip. Human Resources.
Cabinet Secretary for Labor and Social Services (Government In Waiting)
ZimFirst Party.
Nyika Vanhu/Abantu Ilizwe
Vanhu NdoNyika/Ilizwe Ngabantu

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