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Malvern T. Ndlovu (UZ Student. )

MP Candidate. Hwange West.

From the word go I was asked what I would want to be when I grow up. These type of questions programmed my mind to always be two steps ahead, thinking and  worrying of my future .Now that I am at the University of Zimbabwe, the same questions came up, I asked my self what would be of me when I finish college judging from the current unemployment rate of above 85% , looking around my colleagues graduating clearly headed for the same dilemma after spending a lot of hard earned tuition for years only to be  jobless . I worry about food shortages  ,the high incidences of corruption in the country, how I am expected to raise a family of my own, the poor services of basic necessities by the government; education and health most importantly,  yet assessing the potential my Zimbabwe has , something has to be done , someone has to change this situation. Well,23 I realised that if there is anyone who would change the future best is one who would be part of it , someone who is tired of the bad management in the country, someone who is tired of corruption and corrupt leaders  , someone who can’t stand to see the old folks again and again destroy the future of my country. That someone, I realised was me. I had a strong desire to change my Zimbabwe for the better ,to see my people live the same good life I wish for myself. I yearn to see children learning from better facilities than I did, to see the women and the youth being empowered , to see the old being taken care of properly. I understand that for one to change the world, one needs to fix their backyard first , I decided I would represent Hwange West constituency, my backyard and one of the most affected constituency as service delivery is considered the worst in Matabeleland North and in surrounding rural areas. I was fortunate enough to find a political party that has the same vision for Zimbabwe, a party that puts the needs of the people first and working on putting systems of governance that are premised on Honesty, Accountability and Unity and above all that facilitated the engagement of the youth in the development of the nation and that was  Zimbabwe First. Thanks to Dr Shumba and everyone in ZimFirst for the good vision for Zimbabwe that I stand a chance to faithfully represent Hwange and change my Zimbabwe to the Zimbabwe i want to see.


Malvern T. Ndlovu

MP Candidate. Hwange West.

Nyika Vanhu/Abantu Yilizwe.

Vanhu Ndonyika/Ilizwe Ngabantu


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