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Why I am a PROUDLY ZIMFIRSTER- ZimFirst Youth Audrey Chikaka

Audrey Chikaka, International Relations student CIU, Cyprus. ZimFirst Youth. Why Zim First? For the past 38 years the children of Zimbabwe have suffered in the hands of their government, poverty, hunger, unemployment,  poor health system are the only things that our leadership has managed to deliver, and for the past 2 decades opposition parties have been […]

Turning around the Economy after ZANU PF’s Mess – Zimfirst President Doctor Maxwell Zeb Shumba

Doctor Maxwell Zeb Shumba We are in a dire situation, and yes, we are in the Group the International Monetary Fund (IMF) economically classifies as Highly Indebted Poor Country (HIPC). However, debt is a long-term liability for the country and therefore monetary institutions need not wait for a “statement” of admission of guilt from a […]

Technology Driven Healthcare Services Coming To Zimbabwe-ZimFirst

Dr. Maxwell Zeb Shumba. ZimFirst Party President Saving lives with ZimFirst. Digital Health Records Save Lives. Welcome to the Future with ZimFirst. Our healthcare system is in a comatose. A lot of work will be needed after the authors of Zimbabwe’s misery are going. We have work to do collectively. Nyika Vanhu. Vanhu Ndonyika. #ZimFirst. […]