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Why ZimFirst is a Trusted Brand-Fanuel Kaseke. Director For International Relations

Fanuel Kaseke (UZ, Hons. Political Science). Director For International Relations. MP Candidate. Seke North (Chitungwiza) Zimbabwe’s economic turmoil  needs a pragmatic approach not fantasies sold in wonderland. An age of vibrant young people who connect with people’s struggles should play the center stage in this new revolt. There is great need for integration of technology […]

Fresh Legs, Fresh Ideas in Hwange West-ZimFirst

Malvern T. Ndlovu (UZ Student. ) MP Candidate. Hwange West. From the word go I was asked what I would want to be when I grow up. These type of questions programmed my mind to always be two steps ahead, thinking and  worrying of my future .Now that I am at the University of Zimbabwe, […]