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Why ZimFirst?-Solution to the Moribund Economy

Anesu Tafadzwa Rusike (Bsc Politics & Public Management (Hons) ZimFirst Dep. National Spokesperson. Why ZimFirst Now? For the love of our country, our resources, our freedom and pleasant youthful years full of job opportunities the youth have a home in ZimFirst. ZimFirst is here for you Zimbabweans. ZimFirst has the economic solution to the country’s […]

Alec Bamu ZimFirst Hurungwe West Aspiring Member of Parliament (MP)

Alec Bamu (Law Student). MP Candidate Hurungwe West (Mash West) ZimFirst Legal Affairs Directorate Officer Why I am running as you MP as a ZimFirster? Transform the nation from transgression – work towards poverty eradication – enhance cultural values at the same time thrive to bring new economical reforms – Stop military state at the […]