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  • Zimbabwe: A Stable Economy and A Prosperous Future Your Birthright Not a Privilege for the Chosen Few,

Dear Esteemed Student,

As you trek home after finishing your end of the year exams, you once again find yourselves at crossroads.  Facing the prospect of either a ruinous  or brighter future. However, this is also a unique moment in the history our nation and your role in it depends on the decisions you will make over the course of the holiday season. Depending on the choice you will this is a time when your voice will either bring you untold grief or unimaginable prosperity. You live in an era when your voice will either plunge Zimbabwe into a eternal dismal future or you can use it to bring a new Zimbabwe where even the oldest grandmother in the rural areas has a future. The future is in your hands and it is now. If you make the right decisions these can be exciting times indeed.

The current situation in our country should tell you exactly what to expect for your own future if nothing changes. We have a government that thinks nothing of starving its people while its ministers maintain million dollar homes and salaries. We live in a country where all the hospitals have no water, no medicine and no alcohol for sterilization. We live in a country where patients are told to bring their own water for operations of giving birth. We live in a country where all those with money can seek medical attention in South Africa, Singapore and Malaysia while a father, grandmother or sister in the rural areas must ride a bumpy wheelbarrow or scotch cart to the nearest dilapidated clinic which is 10 kilometers away. Ours is a country where children are turned away from school because they have no fees when at the same time these same children have nothing to eat. There are more than 3*5 million children and adults vulnerable to food shortage. Our is a country where the nearest borehole is 20km and the schools in the rural areas are have no roofs, no libraries and no books. Young people our cities have gone for weeks without water, electricity of sanitation. Young people garbage is being collected from the suburbs and burnt in the high-density areas. This is making people sick and no one is accountable. We have a callous government that gives people stands for votes but does not destroys their homes when they get what they want.

Ours is a government that easily makes $15 billion disappear without explanation or arrests. Instead when you ask you are arrested and beaten up. Our government makes people work for peanuts or for free without explanation. We have a government that awards the highest offices to son-in-law who without a single merit now runs the national airline.

Young people your mates and soon yourselves are graduating every year to join the sea of extremely educated vendors on first street. Your mates who went before you have bachelors and masters’ degrees but are lining the streets juice cards, cigarettes, vegetables and sweets. University graduates who should be directing the affairs of a nation are wasting talent working in shebeens and mom an’ pop take-aways in South Africa. Our future talent continues to be scorned by the current government.

We live in a time when HIV rates are skyrocketing but drugs are becoming scarce. Ours is a nation were the youth continues to be vulnerable to lack of housing, jobs and a future.

But young people, did you know that Zimbabwe’s mineral wealth has been researched and rivals that of the richest country, Qatar. Our mineral wealth can take this country out of debt in one single month? Our wealth is being farmed to countries in the West and Asia while our wildlife is being depleted for gross profit to destinations like China. Climate change is occurring unchecked and the rural areas and farms yield nothing with each passing year.

If students like you and the youth in general do not join other forward thinking citizens in actions to stop the rot, our country is headed to oblivion while the current government leaders line their pockets. Rampant corruption is the order of the day and people are stealing from the clerk to the highest minister. Factories in all the cities are closed and the country no longer has a manufacturing industry. Through all this the government officials loot our resources with increasing speed as they drive the country to doom. The currency is doomed as we overstayed the US dollar. Now we are facing the bond notes which will take us back to the 2008 era where there was rampant inflation and massive shortages and hunger and starvation in the country.

But young people the story does not have to end this way. The story does not have to end with hopelessness and bleakness. You have the power in your hands to change the course of Zimbabwe’s destiny. Yours does not have to be the same story as has been told for the past 34 years. You were born free and it is truly time to become free. Young people your vote can usher in a new era of prosperity for Zimbabwe such as never been experienced before. You can make the decision to end all this downward spiral of destruction by working to get the masses to vote for a party that seeks to empower you to become the voice of the Young Untainted, Fresh and authentic.

ZimFirst is that political party that is geared to bring in those changes. Our focus is the youth. We, as a party know how crucial it is to empower the youth to bring in a new Zimbabwe. Under our government the young people will have free education in primary and high school. For college and universities our youth will have grants and loans which they can use to fund their education. Internships will be made available as will part time jobs for high schoolers all the way to university. Graduates will have their loans forgiven if they choose to work for government in essential services. Industry will be resuscitated to levels that will offer your parents sustainable jobs. Students sixteen years and above will have ample opportunities for part time employment to raise picket money they do wish.

Under our care the country will recover to a point where every citizen will have social security from their share of the mineral and agricultural wealth. Under our governance, we will implement a decentralization policy where every region will receive an equitable share of jobs, development and empowerment. The rural areas will undergo a transformation into what is called village cities, complete with electrification, metered water as well as fully developed clinics.

Our government will provide granaries called food banks during the transitional stages. Rural farmers will be equipped with training, seeds and farming implements. Wealth will be created for every member of the country to enjoy. The police and criminal justice will be empowered for the protection of the people and not as a tool against citizens.

Young people the list of ground breaking changes that ZimFirst is going to bring will catapult Zimbabwe as an Emerging Market. Our agriculture will indeed place Zimbabwe as the breadbasket of Africa once again. As you go home for the holidays go and share the good news with your parents, siblings and grandparents: ZimFirst is the party of choice that truly puts country and people first. We are here to give the people their true birthright: true health, wealth and hope of a bright future.
To many of you, it is once again a bleak Holiday season . We ask you not despair but rejoice because ZimFirst is here and finally you will have a voice- The Final Voice. We wish you a happy end of your school year and a happy holiday season. May the Lord be with you always.
Thank you

Yours Trutly

Dr. Maxwell Zeb Shumba


Zimbabwe People First (ZimFirst)

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