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Dr. Maxwell Zeb Shumba.

President. Zimbabwe People First (ZimFirst) Party

After Norton: ZANU PF is smiling all the way to the bank

For the ordinary people, there is absolutely nothing to celebrate on Themba Mliswa’s win in Norton.

We are in this 36-year predicament because we like to pick on low hanging fruits.  We have finally become a nation manufactured for ZANU PF and by ZANU PF. Everything we do as Zimbabweans, has its original recipe made in the ZANU PF kitchen. Intolerance, corrupt activities, shallow thinking, fear et al, are all ingredients that were shipped directly into the ZANU PF kitchen from renowned dictatorship nations. In Norton, ZANU PF may have lost a battle in elections but here is why they are long term winners of the recent event:

For starters, ZANU is in power today because of mixing three things: rigging, intimidation and vote buying. At any given election one of the three illicit tools is used prominently depending on the political environment obtaining.

ZANU PF has vehemently claimed that no further reforms are needed even in the face of repeated citizens’ outcry. So here is Themba, a true son of ZANUPF, fear factor squadron leader and recently immersed neck deep in the ZANU PF lootocracy (Paul Westwood is writhing in pain right now seeing so called democracy proponents posing pictures with Themba).

After losing Hurungwe West election he moved to Norton,a city he has not residence and had had zero supporters to start with. To his credit he knew the ZANU PF ground game very well. Projects to buy votes is a good ZANU PF is a winning strategy.  Armed with this knowledge,  he,  from get go he went deep dive ‘Vote Buying’ under the guise of ‘ Projects’. He had massive resources to do this and the ZANU PF candidate confidence built on support of State resources did not think countering Mliswa actions with equal measure was warranted. Ordinary folk should ask why? If you ever played soccer with home made plastic  soccer balls on the dusty Zimbabwean pavements you will know the ‘Skins’ versus ‘Shirts’ mini soccer games. Two teams made up from a group of friends playing against each other. One group takes off their shirts and the other keep shirts on and the game begins with no ref. These two teams are basically made up of friends. Interception is not overly competitive. After the game the friends share food from the same plate. Take this from Jonathan Moyo’s Tsholotsho experience, The Zanu Prodigal Son… What stops Themba from going back to ZANU PF?

BACK to Norton, Themba took the art of Vote Buying seriously and implemented it effectively in Norton. My friend Clayton Munemo now a businessman was contracted to manufacture sports uniforms for all sports teams in Norton, Themba gave out freebies at his rallies (his rallies were like wedding parties, they say), he funded impromptu several community projects (where was he before this election?). Themba was loaded cash (God knows from where in a nation stricken with poverty), and was lucky to be at the right place and at the right time when Mugabe was pissing off War Vets who sought to withdraw their support from him. When it finally dawned on ZANU PF that Skins Themba was winning the match they brought in their heavyweights. It was too late into the game though. A promise of 9000 stands with little time to show proof intent were not enough but then it’s a Skins versus Shorts game. No worries on part of ZANU PF because Themba is their son . He can come back home any time. Poor NCA candidate, armed with a well sounding manifesto and sober promises was relegated to the bench. Nobody in Norton had time for  the  VISION he was selling. Final score: Vote Buying Themba (1)- Vote Buying ZANU PF (0). And the ultimate winner VOTE BUYING and its authors, ZANU PF. The losers are the Zimbabwean people. No one sober person in opposition ranks should celebrate the events of Norton. Doing so is signing their own political death warrant. When 2018 finally comes ZANU PF goons, known for investing in their party rather than country, will unleash its VOTE BUYING might machine against the hapless and impoverished opposition candidates. If violence will not work, then plan B will be Vote Buying. This trick will help in validating the appearance of a democratic election on the international scene.

The very same opposition candidates who went to Norton to aid and celebrate with the Themba will be buried by the vote buying machines of the both Skins and Shirts teams. Very few opposition members will have the resource capabilities to match those of the Skins ,(Themba and his inklings) and Shirts(ZANU PF)  teams in vote buying games. By celebrating Themba’s Vote-bought election we have normalized this constitutional illegality. Vote Buying Made Legal in Norton, should be the headline. On another more ominous note Reforms: who needs reforms when Themba can win without them. NERA should kiss good bye seeing reforms under a ZANU PF run government. Zimbabweans were played ten zero. Kuda nzungu dzakamenywa. Worst for parties that boycotted the election and ended up cheering Themba in the same election. It’s a shame really! We are seeing the ebullient Themba (rightly so, why not?) doing rounds making celebratory photo ops with the who is who in opposition. Good for him. Congratulations Themba. Congratulations ZANU PF. You are both winners in this contest. Vote Buying is legalized for 2018. We see him with my brother Patson Dzamara, next we see him in a picture with my former boss Morgan and later with a host of other opposition figures. While these pictures on their own raise our eyebrows in curiosity, I mean who doesn’t love the spotlight these days, these photo ops tell 50 percent of Themba’s story. Who is he meeting with when the cameras are off? A visit to his Facebook page still shows fliers of Themba as a ZANU PF candidate in Hurungwe West and it’s all ZANU PF. Other questions quick to come to mind are: Did Themba abandon all his ZANU PF friends? Has he transformed fully from the former ZANU PF gangster Provincial leader? We have not seen him meet with foreign investor Paul Westwood to discuss terms of repaying his stolen loot from Noshio Investments or the owner of the farm he illegally seized a la Joice Mujuru style. With Themba’s win what is opposition celebrating really? We cannot be blinded by our hatred for Mugabe and ZANU to forget what important for the future of our kids. Investors who read Paul Westwood’s plight watched in disbelief as Zimbabwean opposition welcomed company grabber into their fold. Brother, they called him. The investor killer. Proceeds from Westwood’s company most probably financed the vote buying scheme. Talk of opposition killing investor confidence by joining Themba’s celebrations. Sadly, other notable people from opposition ranks are stupidly and opportunistically claiming to be engineers of Themba’s win. That is totally demeaning to the rest of the opposition ranks! Themba bought votes alone anything opposition did there was inconsequential, ask NCA. In 2018 it’s Vote Buy or Bust because opposition has put their seal of approval.

There is a silver lining though: Bravo to NCA for trying honestly to win in Norton and in losing you, amidst needless national rebuke, remained gracious. You showed the decency needed to safeguard a sane future for our country. Bravo to War Vets who rebelled against Gushungo’s lack of respect for those who sacrificed for this country. Buried in Norton is the Tine Vanhu nonsense. Temba arrived three months ago alone with a bag of money and won Norton (albeit on the back of vote buying). People are birds of the forest and Norton proved that. The saddest part of all this is after Norton tragicomedy, it is ZANU PF smiling all the way to the bank after getting Vote Buying legalized



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