Alamein Farm Lawsuit dents Amai Mujuru’s chances to be Presidential candidate for Grand Coalition

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Dear Editor

When I cautioned Tendai Biti and his party about rushing to endorse Dr. Joyce Mujuru as Presidential candidate for the planned grand coalition, some may have thought I was just being jealousy and had a particular person I want to be candidate. Let me reiterate it here that I do not want any particular candidate, but I want the parties in the coalition if it materialises to be realistic and consider a party with majority support to provide a candidate.

I have also raised questions about Dr. Mujuru’s suitability as a candidate, and I have cited among other thing the seemingly fake sympathy for war veterans over their plight. She claimed at a rally in Bindura that the war veterans had not been well looked after, yet during her time in Mugabe’s Government she was in the forefront of looting from the War Victims Compensation Fund, feigning 55
percent disability.

Some of the evil acts she was involved in include trying to block Strive Masiiwa’s Econet from setting up, the well documented looting at Ziscosteel among others.

But the one current case that raises more questions is the lawsuit against her for the movable assets at Alamein Farm which was forcibly taken from its legal owner by Dr Mujuru’s late husband. According to a fresh article I have just read, Dr. Mujuru is in contempt of court over the lawsuit, raising doubts over her rule of law credentials. She seems to have a lot more baggage to offload than any other contender for candidacy for the presidential candidate for the opposition grand coalition.

I have always argued that the party with the biggest support base must be the one to provide the presidential candidate, a departure from the usual personality politics, so if Dr. Mujuru’s party had the largest share of support than other opposition parties, she wouldn’t be the best candidate. Hopefully there will be cleaner leaders from her party who would have less controversial political careers.

The way I see things, 2018 is the last chance for Zimbabweans to get rid of the oppressive Zanu PF rule, and we have to be extra careful about the steps we take. Let us work together as oppressed Zimbabwe to rid of our oppressors and rebuild Zimbabwe. A single step wrong, our country is gone forever.

Every Zimbabwean opposed to dictatorship should play a part, but we should field one candidate from the party with the biggest support, who is more likeable by the majority of voters opposed to Zanu PF. For anyone to say vote for so and so because they have liberation war history when people no longer respect some of the liberators is failing to read the political landscape and suicidal.

Food for thought

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