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Khuklumani Silalele-Speak Out We Are Listening-Taurai Takerera. September 10, 2016. Seke Dema Zimbabwe

As the people get embroiled in the ineffectual demos and preoccupied with ineffectual staying out of jail Zanu PF is putting together a campaign to win the elections in 2018. Zimbabwe First Party also known as ZimFirst has developed a different strategy to prepare for the youth to be leaders by developing their capacity to hold public addresses. In a pivotal and totally innovative move, ZimFirst has entrusted its campaign to the youth made of university graduates, high school and college mates. ZimFirst has stepped from running ordinary rallies to hosting town hall style of meetings dubbed Khulumani/Speak Out/ Taurai. “As a party we believe in empowering the youth with leadership skills as they are our future leaders. Our campaign is committed to achieving two objectives: to help youth to lead and to encourage ordinary people to find their voice and take part in self governance,” enunciated Doctor Maxwell Zeb Shumba, President of Zimbabwe First Party.

The first of these Town Hall meetings took off in Seke Dema over the weekend and drew a crowd of about 150 people. The excitement was palpable as people listened to young voices explain the manifesto as well as answer a series of questions which the villagers posed to them.

How do you fight a dictatorship? You give people an opportunity to find their voice, help them to speak and be listened to. You give people a space to air their grievances without fear of being bitten up. How do you equip the future generations with leadership skills? You give the youth an opportunity to lead such meetings without clipping their wings. For the past 36 years the ZANU leadership and opposition in Zimbabwe has done nothing but give directives to people without giving them a chance to be heard. There has not been any willingness on the part of the ruling party to hearing the challenges that people face. Instead any little voice that people have had is usually quelled by threats of simply making the vocal person disappear. The atmosphere of fear and threats of harm is pervasive in Zimbabwe, coupled by police brutality for any expression of discontent, no one has the courage to speak their truth or their minds. On the other hand, the opposition parties are all but too glad to use people by letting them demonstrate into the bloody hands of the police who beat and maim anyone demonstrating. Of late there have been all forms of demonstrations in Zimbabwe where property has been destroyed and participants sent to jail some with little hope for bail. ZimFirst understands that to get ready for the elections voter education is paramount and such empowerment can only take place when parties have the time to listen and to respond to questions from the constituencies.

Report by: Firsters News Network (FNN


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