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Zimbabwe First National Under 23 (Zim1U23)
Our next event will be held in Gweru on October 15. These are exiting moments for our young party as we continue to be on track for 2018. In Gweru at the monumental event a new concept will be born. The Zimbabwe National U23 Team under the theme:
‘All Zimbabwe Children Come. ZimFirst is Home of the UNTAINTED’
Bantwana Bantwana Hozan’ Ekhaya.  Lingesabi. Ilizwe Ngelenu
Vana Vese Huyai Kumusha Musatye Nyika Ndeyenyu.

ZimFirst Under 23. Bring Home the Vote! ✌’
On the day we will unveil the Coaching Staff of the Zim1U23. and the winning team’s First 18 players who will be ready to do battle for the 2018 National Championship. In 2018 every U23 Zimbabwean child will have a jersey on the Zim1 U23 team.
If you are an U23 Gweru will be the place for you . If you want to join the winning team regardless of your global location please email us at
Make it into Zim1U23 team to in the 2018 Finals.
@Zim1 U23 Bring Home The Vote.


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