ZANU PF, Opposition Political Parties, Civic Organizations, Victims of Violence and the Media.

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ZANU PF, Opposition Political Parties, Civic Organizations, Victims of Violence and the Media.
It is well known that ZANU PF is a monster which takes pride in shedding blood (ZANU ndeyeropa/ZANU sheds blood without remorse they brag ). It is well documented that since 1980 any opposing voice has been visited by ZANU PF brutality leaving a trail of victims – maimed individuals, tortured victims, widow(ers), orphans et al. Lists with actual names exist on many online portals or several NGO data bases.
Touched by the plight of the victims some selfless gallant sons and daughters formed civic organizations (aka NGOs) to help with the needs of the victims. Many did so for the right reasons but a few others saw an opportunity to make a living out of the plight of the needy. Donors were approached left right center and they responded in cash and kind. Some of the leaders within the civic organizations became knights in shining armor (Who doesn’t know Jestina Mukoko, Eric Matinenga, Dewa Mavhinga to mention just a few good hearted people who stood up for the needy?) but others became outright criminals as money intended for the victims never reached them, instead it was used to buy expensive luxurious cars, to build big houses for the NGO leaders (some of these imbeciles are being investigated as I write and hope they will be shipped off fast to Chikurubhi Prison where they rightfully belong).
Another sad story comes from the very opposition ranks, the once dominion of selflessness . We all know that the victims where not voices without any political belonging. There are political leaders in whose name the victims suffered for (unfortunately now live a life of opulence without a record of having worked anywhere). Today, NEGLECTED, ABANDONED are the common words coming out of the victims’ lips. These words are a cause of concern. They describe betrayal of the worst magnitude.
Finally, sadly indeed, it has dawned on these victims that the leaders in whose name they suffered for DO NOT CARE. THAT THEY ARE OWN THEIR OWN.
So in light of this painful realization, recently, with the help of some stalwarts in civic organizations the victims finally came together and formed an association. An association of victims by victims for the victims to represent their needs directly to well-wishers. The association is called Zimbabwe Victims of Political Violence Association (ZVPVA). What courage and a noble initiative. Almost a week ZVPVA released a press statement to the media so that other victims can be informed about the formation of the association. The media, for reasons best known to them had to consult the opposition politicians first before printing (the very politicians accused of neglecting the victims had to be consulted or whatever term they used they had to be talked to first) . As expected the Press statement never saw the light of day. The problematic issue to them were:
– the victims chose a patron who is not their political horse.
– the victims stories will expose their political horses .
HOPELESSNESS. The fourth estate working in cahoots with politicians to
muzzle the voices of victims ZANU PF political violence? Unbelievable!
We are all Zimbabweans folks and we care. The neglect of political violence victims is a serious threat to the democratic fight . These victims are living testimony of the results of political activism. The scars, the orphans, the widows are a visible political landmarks. When people want to shy away from joining politics they point out the stories of the victims ( ndinofira mahara/ I die for the nothing they reason). So failures to support ZVPVA or trying to kill the association will put a death nail in the coffin of the fight for a peaceful and prosperous Zimbabwe.
To those who are standing up for the victims, I salute you . You define well both the spirit of patriotism and Ubuntu and are showing the you care. God will always bless you for your efforts.
To those civic and political leaders who abused victims benefits, I say shame on you, To those in the media who are conniving with individuals within opposition political parties to muzzle the victims so that they cannot tell their story of neglect and abandonment, shame on you too.
Economic Asylum Seekers in the diaspora who used victims stories as their own to win political asylum but to date have never paid dime towards programs to assist the true victims, shame on you too.
However, in all what seems to be a gloomy road for victims, I want to make a special mention to the gallant sons of Zimbabwe broadcasting in exile at VOA’s Studio 7 Blessing Zulu and Jonga Kandemiri who reached out to the ZVPVA ‘s leaders and granted an interview to the Spokesperson Mr Petros Mandeya
If you are a victim of ZANU PF political violence since 1980, wherever you are, please tune in to Studio 7 today and get more in formation on your recently formed organization which is housing victims of ZANU PF orchestrated violence from 1980 to date.

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May 2016

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