ZimFirst Has Got a Big Mandate

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Sons and Daughters of Zimbabwe, the trouble of our nation should be viewed as part of a broad struggle and not as ZimFirst Party discussion alone. We should come to a point where we should not fear victimisation. We have a big mandate, together this is now the time for us to reclaim back our freedom that we have been deprived for 35 years by Mugabe and his cronies. Let us turn around the current situation.


The price of freedom is blood, toil, dropping our tears and sweat on our national flag. Nothing is going to come to us in a sliver plate, let’s embrace ourselves for paying the price for our beautiful nation. Everyone has witnessed the desperation attempts by the current government to stay in power.


I urge every Zimbabwean to see the bigger picture that ZimFirst Party is striving to achieve. Some of us we have made our choice, and we have chosen ZimFirst because of it’s deep human significance; because of it’s inevitability and necessity to Zimbabwe’s progress. A people’s vision cannot be defeated.


Greater and greater efforts are being made by ZimFirst to unite all opposition parties in Zimbabwe to come together to form a coalition that can successfully challenge Zanu-Pf. The most important thing now is to focus on 2018 elections with one single voice “ZimFirst Our New Government in Office”. We are fully aware of the nature and size of our task laying ahead of us. There is plenty of suffering ahead. We will not look back and we will not deviate from our campaign until ZimFirst takes over.


ZimFirst is a non-violent political party with mentally and physically disciplined people, but we refuse to remain mute on matters deeply affecting innocent Zimbabweans, and if people remain mute the current government will continue to sink our economy to the far deepest end than ever before.My brothers and sisters, we can no longer pretend that all is well in Zimbabwe. I know, of course, that because I express these sentiments I will be accused of indecency and will be branded an agitator. But I make no apologies. The current government has failed us for 35 good years. Currently Zimbabwe is not a country anyone would like to handover to the next generation. Enough is enough and this error must be corrected. Zimbabwe is going to work again, Zimbabwe is going to see it’s economy coming back to its feet, Zimbabwe is going to see its freedom again. I’m absolutely certain that with ZimFirst, Zimbabwe will never be the same again.


Let’s rebuild our nation together. ZimFirst Party is on the threshold of a historic era. I invite you to be with us creators of history. Together we will make it. Let the ballot box fight for you in 2018. Zimfirst is taking over and it has the master key to unlock all current problems caused by this current government. Together let’s sock our flag with our on own sweat and tears. There is light at the end of the tunnel. The future is bright if we bring fresh ideas and fresh legs to move our country to another new level. Brick by brick technology must materialise. Methodical, Meticulous and Through is our theory. We are The Final Voice and the voice is getting louder and louder.

(Kudakwashe Matizira is a Political Science Student and Zimbabwe First Party (ZimFirst) supporter)

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