Time for fresh legs , fresh ideas and fresh brain

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Leopard will never change its spots Zanupf and Mugabe failed for 35 years. We kindly ask Mugabe to step down and pave way for fresh elections in 2018. We can not allow Mugabe to die in office while Zimbabweans are suffering day in day out. Reading an old speech is a clear indication of you Mr President to give others a chance. Your body , your brain, your legs are also tired .Enough is enough we need fresh legs , fresh ideas and fresh brain .

Vote Zimfirst in 2018 a party with accountability ,Unity and Honesty. Viva Zimfirst Viva Dr Maxwell Zeb Shumba to get Zimbabwe working again.



  • When a person is surrounded by yes man it becomes difficult for anyone of them to tell him anything different. Dementia sufferers will even forget their own relatives they live with let alone try to rule and read speeches. I heard that Mugabe wants to remain in office until he dies. For me even if he has $1 trillion in his bank account, even if he has 20 Bentleys and 20 palaces world wide, what does that accomplish whilst Zimbabweans are suffering and struggling to have the basics. What is important to Zanu Pf is to remain in power to benefit their own individualistic gains. To have Zimbabwe moving forward needs a new mindset and new skill sets which are not amongst any in Zanu Pf or those who used to amongst them. The major thing of interest is why didn’t MAI Mujuru push for the People First when she was still amongst Zanu Pf and when she was Vice President. The blueprint would have been used as manifesto then to save Zimbabwe unless if it’s other people’s ideas they are coping.

  • We agree. We are here with ZimFirst, home fresh legs and fresh ideas.
    Their offense is completely wearing out our defense it’s time to get some fresh legs on the field!

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