BREAKING NEWS: Mugabe reads wrong speech in Parliament

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Zimbabwe needs fresh legs fresh ideas! We are the only country in the world that allows a senile leader to remain President! He didn’t even notice that he was repeating the same speech? Seriously?

BREAKING NEWS: Mugabe reads wrong speech in Parliament


President Mugabe has just read a wrong speech in a boob that has sent tongues waging about the growing signs of mental slowdown and bungling by his officials.

State journalists were left in sixes when they realised that copies of the speech given to them was different from the one that the President delivered. His speech resembled verbatim the one he read during his State of the Nation address in parliament barely a month ago.

Today, the President was supposed to outline the legislative agenda including highlighting bills that are to be debated and officially open the August House. None of that happened and its still unclear how government officials are to handle the one ymishap.

ZBC also uncharacteristically switched off live broadcasting in anticipation of chaos.

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba said there was a mix-up of the President Mugabe delivering the wrong speech. “There has been a mix-up of speeches resulting in situation where His Excellency the President delivered the wrong speech. The mix up happened in his secretarial office therefore the delivery in Parliament should be set aside. The error is sincerely regretted and corrective measures are being considered,” Charamba said.

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  • Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe has again read out the wrong speech, repeating September’s blunder that led to calls for him to resign.

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