ZimFirst: Fully-fledged Political Party

ZIMFIRST, a movement that was formed last year with the aim of achieving national convergence has been transformed into a fully-fledged political party.


ZimFirst principal coordinator Dr Maxwell Zeb Shumba told NewsDay from his United States base that the new political outfit was formed on April 10 this year after it became apparent that the expectations from the concept of the national convergence were grossly misaligned among the key participants.

Shumba is a former MDC-T USA chairman and had a stint as chief political strategist for the main opposition party’s leader Morgan Tsvangirai. Shumba said the ZimFirst idea had been welcomed by people from all walks of life.

He said other political parties in the country had failed to inspire a better future and hence they were encouraged to transform into a full-fledged political party.

“ZimFirst party’s main objective is to form the next government through the electoral process. To achieve this it will forge unity with like-minded political forces to build a team capable of winning elections,” said Shumba.

“ZimFirst party will dedicate efforts to ensure that the 2018 electoral field is evened up and will do so through peaceful means.”

Added Shumba: “It is a political party formed by Zimbabweans and for Zimbabweans at home and abroad supported by the international community and African nationals, whose vision is to see the emergence of a better African leadership with core principles for democratic governance where rights of citizens are respected and leaders are accountable for their actions that impact the same citizens.”

He said the new party stood for good governance, implementation of sound economic policies that work to the benefit of all Zimbabweans and installation of systems of accountability in all sectors of the Zimbabwean society.

Shumba believes his party can form the next government and resuscitate the economy from the current pathetic
US$4 billion economy to a near US$1,5 trillion robust economy.

Commenting on reports of the involvement of Chimurenga music icon Thomas Mupfumo, who has denied any links to the project, Shumba said the music legend was not in their structures for now.

“Dr Thomas Mapfumo, whose well-documented record of fighting social injustice through music is known, was the Ambassador of Zimbabwe First National Convergence, but upon ZimFirst’s transformation into a fully-fledged party he has decided to focus on what he does best, which is to continue to fight injustice in Zimbabwe through his music,” said Shumba.

“He does not hold any position in the political party but strongly supports the ideals of ZimFirst to bring social and economic justice to Zimbabwe.”

Shumba said other figures in the party would be announced soon.